Get the French wardrobe

This is a goal in progress...

I'm a classic elegance kinda girl, so naturally, when it comes to building the perfect wardrobe, I aim for the timeless French style. Black and red, navy and white. So far, this is what I've managed to achieve:

A black dress: this is not The LBD yet, just a simple A-line dress with a fantastic cut, that I can wear both for the office and for a night out. I found it in a second hand store that sells brand new pieces, as well.

A pair of black shorts: well, this one was actually a mistake. I was so desperate to have a pair of shorts I could wear to the city, that I completely ignored, that it was not the right fit. Usually, I don't do things like that, so that just further proves my desperation. Actually, I could totally ignore this item and leave it off my list of acquisitions, as I practically never wear it.

3 red tops: I was so desperate to have something red, that now I have 3 red tops. Unfortunately, they're all long-sleeved, so now I need a red T-shirt and I really wouldn't mind a red skirt either. Or a pair of red shoes. Or leather gloves.

2 sailor striped tops: I used to have a navy-and-white striped pull, and I'd love to have one again. Well, these 2 are not pulls, just a long and a short-sleeved top, but I'm very very happy with them. I love wearing them with my vintage burnt orange pleated muslin skirt.

So far, so good...

What kind of wardrobe are you building? What are your favourite items in it? Let me know in the Comments below!


Treat myself to 43 simple pleasures

This is a goal in progress...

This goal is easy-peasy for me, since I'm a person who appreciates the smallest things the most. But it's also fun and a positive energy booster to record these simple treats. And at last, what better way to inspire you?

Today, it was quite windy and we had a sheet of foil lying on the balcony that the wind suddenly lifted and twirled like the dress of a flamenco dancer. It was magnificent!

Yesterday it was heavily raining in the morning. I opened my windows to listen to it. It was amazing, though I'm not someone who usually enjoys the sound of rain or wind.

Then later I saw a huge seagull soaring above the river.

And even later I saw an impressive building through a screen of rain mist. It was fascinating.

Today I went to a farmer's market and enjoyed the sight of a field of flowers. It was beautiful. Especially a sprig of heather in a pot.

Four and Five
Yesterday, I didn't think through my route properly, so I ended up on a "new" bus line. I'm glad. It had a wonderful route passing beautiful buildings.

Also, I managed to catch a light-tram for the theatre. (A light-tram is a tram decorated with fairy lights for the Christmas season.)

A whirpool of lavender flowers in my friend's lavender tea.

Today, as I settled down with my breakfast I noticed the steam wreathing from my tea. It was a lovely sight. It's been a while since I noticed steam around my hot food or drinks.

Kneading dough with your bare hands feels extremely luxurious.

The other day I saw a beautiful grey bird in a park. It's either a heron or an egret, I can never tell them apart. It was a real gift from life. (In the meantime, I've found out that it's a grey heron.)

The other day, on my way back from the city, I walked through a park. It was heavily raining and there was an opening between the trees where the rain came down in a heavy curtain and I thought, now this is what's called a shower of rain. It was mesmerizing.

I was doing the washing up, when I noticed that my friend's glasses got fogged up over her grilled zucchini. It was quite a hilarious and mesmerizing experience as I've never seen anything like this before.

The other day I went to a Science Festival where, among many other interesting and mind blowing things, I could inspect a cube of brown sugar under the microscope.

It was amazing. Its crystals looked exactly like a heap of honey coloured precious stones. Which of course is only logical, but you have to see it with your own eyes to understand how mind blowing it really is.

It's amazing, how nature can surprise you. How you suddenly see something, that you could have just as easily missed if you didn't look up, or didn't turn your head.

It was something like this when I saw the snowfall in a frame of tree branches, and that frame included a lovely queen statue, as well.

I read about Ólafur Arnalds' music in a local magazine. I've never expected it to be so beautiful. If you're looking for some relaxing music, or some soft background music to help you focus, while working, look him up.

It was a fat red squirrel. It made me really happy to watch him.

A friend of mine has told me about the hidden crocus spot in a nearby park, so I went to investigate and took several photos in the morning. I had a great time.

The other day I saw my favourite grey heron, then a black stork, and finally some flying swans. It felt like the luckiest day of my life.