See fireworks live!

I wanted to see the national day fireworks, so I talked to a friend, because I didn't want to go alone. We stood at a safe distance, so we could breathe and we weren't crushed, yet our hair still ended up full of debris. It was a very interesting experience. The show of course was beautiful. If you're considering watching a fireworks show live: safety first!


Find time for inspiration

It's amazing how it improves my life when I make the effort to find time for inspiration. This goal is one of my resolutions for 2012. So, it actually took me more than 2 years to achieve. Inspiration is like air for me. So you can imagine how achieving this goal has improved the quality of my life. I find inspiration in people's stories and blogs on design, gastronomy and travel. And at this moment, my life is full of inspiration. 
What helped me achieve this goal was my positive attitude and creating time for myself.
Where do you find inspiration? What blogs do you read for inspiration? Let me know in the Comments below!



This goal comes from my resolutions' list for 2013, so it took me a bit more than 1 year to actually achieve it. I totally believe in interest groups. I'm a member of a women's networking group and a knitting circle. Both have gifted me with some amazing people. I'm also taking part in a performance, which is great fun and again, has brought some fantastic people into my life. And at this moment of my professional life I network like crazy and due to this I get to meet inspiring people from whom I can learn a lot. And yes, sometimes I'm very very tired, but it totally is worth it. Should you want to go out and mingle: go out and even if you don't feel like opening your mouth, smile!


Visit a design studio

I love behind the scenes or backstage experiences, so when I heard that local designers would open their studios to the public, I knew instantly that I wanted to go. I visited a branding studio, where I talked to an older man, who was quite bitter about the situation of getting work as a designer, and where they ignored me for several minutes. So despite the awesome philosophy of the studio that I checked before online, I had a negative experience. Then I visited another studio that does research about your target audience and had a fun time. Here the guys were very creative, I really liked their service and we're still in touch.

Have you ever visited a design studio? Who are your favourite designers? Let me know in the Comments below!