Wear jewellery for 30 days

It is said, that creating a new habit takes 30 days. I love jewellery, but I always forget to wear any. I've decided to change that, so I'm challenging myself to wear jewellery for 30 days. It'll take me six weeks to complete this goal as I'm committing to wear jewellery only on workdays. Two days are already behind me.

Do you love jewellery? What is your favourite piece? Let me know in the Comments below!

Buy a plant

A few months ago, I filled out a survey, that drew me a wheel of life based on the results. I guess, I don't have to tell you, that it's a wheel with which it's impossible to move. One of the most critical areas, that I have to improve is my physical environment. So I decided to buy a plant. It has to be relatively small, something that's easy to care for and that loves sun.

Do you have plants in your house? If not, why; do you let them dry out or you over-water them? Let me know in the Comments below!