My New Year's resolutions 2013

Here are my New Year's resolutions created in 2013. And I so have to work on this list!

1.  Put a positive thing in every day
2.  Socialize
3.  Have constant extra income
4.  Visit France
5.  Travel for an exhibition
6.  Write my own story
7.  Do what I really want
8.  Leave flowers on the grave of a stranger
9.  Visit Portugal
10.  Pay it forward 5 times
11.  Decide on a cause to support
12.  Learn etiquette
13.  Thrown a grandiose tea party
14.  Have a cheese and wine party
15.  Try Etsy, Amazon, eBay
16.  Create seasonal decor

Do your lists of New Year's resolutions change or you have the same types of goals years after years? What are some of the recurring goals on your lists? Let me know in the Comments below!

My New Year's resolutions 2012

Here are my New Year's resolutions created in 2012. As you can see, I still have to work on some of them.

1.    Move to Luxembourg (achieved)
2.    Get a payrise (achieved)
3.    Read a poem every week
4.    Let love find me
5.    Find time for inspiration (achieved)
6.    Write a novel
7.    Create a style book for myself
8.    Get a little black dress
9.    Walk more and regularly
10.   Keep exploring
11.   Blog regularly
12.   Be spontaneous
13.   Adopt an owl or eagle (virtually) (achieved)
14.   Make a new tracklist (achieved)
15.   Fly a kite 
16.   Create a vision board
17.   Revamp my wardrobe
18.   Overcome my fear of calling people on the phone
19.   Get an antique mirror
20.   Get antique glass objects
21.   Get a hat for everyday use
22.   Learn to write with my left hand
23.   Volunteer (achieved)
24.   Get rid of constraints
25.   Be nice to others (achieved)
26.    Smile everyday (achieved)
27.    Find free things to do for fun (achieved)

What kind of goals do you have on your New Year's resolutions lists? Do you manage to achieve all of them? Let me know in the Comments below!


Live and act like a lady of my standing

Build up my ideal life

Try 10 of the world's best breakfasts

Learn to use my digital camera

Travel for visiting exhibitions

My current list of goals saved from 43 things

So these are the goals I've been working on up till the closing of the site.

1.      Build up my ideal life.          
2.      Live and act like a lady of my standing.         
3.      Do the a-z author challenge.      
4.      Learn to use my digital camera.           
5.      Treat myself to 43 simple pleasures.     
6.      Get the French wardrobe.           
7.      Try 10 of the world's best breakfasts.     
8.      Spend an hour a day pampering myself.      
9.      Expand my personal and professional network.  
10.     Learn to tie scarves.        
11.     Create a new costs plan for 2014.          
12.     Start reading a book in the middle.        
13.     Try 10 wines.        
14.     Try 10 cheeses.      
15.     Travel for visiting exhibitions.          
16.     Upgrade my life.            
17.     Prepare myself for love.            
18.     Get a stool.        
19.     Try something new every week.       
20.     Create a beautiful uplifting morning routine.    
21.     Give myself 43 gifts.      
22.     Revamp my wardrobe.   
23.     Be in a movie.    
24.     Visit Italy.      
25.     Improve my maths.       
26.     Read the diary of Virginia Woolf vol. 3.    
27.     Read mistress of modernism: the life of Peggy Guggenheim.        
28.     Get a radio.      
29.     Create my own signature look.    
30.     Collect my ideas.       
31.     Realize 10 ideas I fell for.       
32.     Hunt down a vintage plaque with a lovely inscription.      
33.     Travelling a-z europe.      

Do you have any of them on your own lists? Do you feel inspired to take up any of them? Let me know in the Comments below!