Take part in an art project

One of the museum newsletters I'm subscribed to, contained a call for artists. (See, it's so worth being subscribed to museum newsletters!) They were looking for people for a performance, who are trained in dance, meditation or martial arts, or who are simply naturally careful with their movements. I fell into this latter group. After a try-out, where we had to manipulate and interact with an object, I was selected among 6 other people. Then we had a month-long training period and now the performance is 'live' until the beginning of September. During the performance we compose and then take apart an installation. It's one of the most special of my experiences. So if there's anything you really want to experience, but might be out of your comfort zone or your league, go for it!

Have you ever participated in any kind of art project? Are you subscribed to any museum newsletters? Let me know in the Comments below!

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