October tally

So here's the crude summary of my October goals' achievement:

1. Meditate more: Well, funnily, I meditated less, but I read a lot about mindfulness and meditation. I feel that I've moved forward on my spiritual path, but I haven't achieved the actual goal I planned out for myself. While back at the beginning of October I felt modifying my meditations was just one step forward, now I feel it has drifted farther from me and it'll take a real effort to realize this goal.

I think, I'm also afraid.

2. Update CV: At the moment, my contract expired at the 15th October. I'm currently spending my dismissal period. I've updated my LinkedIn profile and worked my way through the book Brand You, but I haven't applied the gained information yet, so I still have to tackle that. October was a month of baby steps, apparently.

3. Travel more: On the last day of October I got myself and tried to realize the goal of travelling to 3 different places. Originally, I wanted to go to Remich only, but I've never been there and the tourist information office is currently closed, so I decided to go to Echternach. I could have gone to Saarbrücken, but I did not want to spend that much money. On my way home I decided to pop in Diekirch, where due to the weekend holidays, almost all the shops were closed. So after half an hour I went to Ettelbrück to catch my train home.

4. Create positive energy: Finally, a goal I feel I've fully achieved. It also helped that I'll soon get rid of the initial negative situation. Lots of positive and rewarding experiences gained here. I'm happy.

5. Walk more: I didn't. But on the rare occasions I was out I really did feel immensely happy and I tried to make the most of my time out. Also, on a single occasion, but nonetheless I made myself stay out longer. It was difficult, but it was worth it.

6. Photograph more: I didn't. And I didn't even take a lot of photos when I did take my camera out. But I had some nice, uplifting experiences and I even discovered a new feature of my camera, though I still have to figure out how to use it and for what.

What were your goals for October? Which achievement are you the proudest of? Let me know in the Comments below!

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