November tally

So here's the crude summary of my November goals' achievement:

1. Consecrate time to myself: I totally did this. And whenever I did it, I instantly felt better. It's something I want to turn into a habit and keep on doing. First, it's important and second, recently, I've been learning so much about myself! From time to time the image of my ideal self shifts. At the moment, I'm experiencing another shift and like always I feel, if I reach this new ideal me, I can be very proud of myself. So right now I'm brimming with enthusiasm.

2. Find a new job: I have gone to the local unemployment office with a new CV, but I think, I could still polish it some more. Is there anybody else out there hating their CV? I've accomplished some great things, but it's just so boring! I've taken more help and used more information to find a new job than previously, but I'm still not satisfied.

3. Make a plan for next year: In my head, I have some vague ideas about the areas I want to focus on more, but I didn't really sit down and plan. So this one still needs to be done.

4. Go to France for my birthday: I did it! And it was my favourite goal for November. I went to Metz as my friend has gone completely AWOL, and it was an amazing experience. I love architecture and photographing old buildings and I've seen so many beautiful ones. By the time I've arrived home I was bursting with positive energy and inspiration. As a birthday present for myself, I bought the Christmas issue of my two favourite (French) interior design magazines.

What was your favourite goal for November (on your own list)?  Anyone else who loves traveling for their birthdays? Let me know in the Comments below!

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