My New Year's resolutions 2013

Here are my New Year's resolutions created in 2013. And I so have to work on this list!

1.  Put a positive thing in every day
2.  Socialize
3.  Have constant extra income
4.  Visit France
5.  Travel for an exhibition
6.  Write my own story
7.  Do what I really want
8.  Leave flowers on the grave of a stranger
9.  Visit Portugal
10.  Pay it forward 5 times
11.  Decide on a cause to support
12.  Learn etiquette
13.  Thrown a grandiose tea party
14.  Have a cheese and wine party
15.  Try Etsy, Amazon, eBay
16.  Create seasonal decor

Do your lists of New Year's resolutions change or you have the same types of goals years after years? What are some of the recurring goals on your lists? Let me know in the Comments below!

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